Meet the Tempean Estates

Meet the Tempean Estates

The Tempean estate is a residential project located in Manyangwa, Wakiso, an area that is attracting more and more young people working in the city, Kampala that want to live close by but away from the hustle and bustlle of city life. It is a commute of about 1hr from the city centre in a residential area that has still managed to maintain some of the beauty that comes with living on the outskirts of the city: larger plots, nearby schools, quieter neighbourhoods with a bit of green, though the traffic jam can be a challenge, especially during rush hour.

The estate is designed as family homes with three 3 bedroom units. One block (with 2 units) is semi-detached while the other is a stand-alone. The 3 units are the first of 15 units planned in the estate. The bungalows are within a gated plot with ample parking and a lot of greenery surrounding them for a nice, modest, safe environment.

When one encounters the project, the intention of the architect is clear with the language of ‘T’s and jutting forms used in the buildings. The client wanted to name the project ‘Tempean’. He envisioned a beautiful, serene place for the estate. The project architects translated the client’s needs into a space designed with spacious grounds with a lot of greenery—the typical apartment block typology that occupies 60% of the plot ratio was completely out of the question. The units would be simple houses; bungalows set up like family homes in Uganda, with room around them for relaxation, or if the families had children, for them to play. The design would be aspirational, with the building elements soaring, which is why the walls look like they are just about ready for take-off. The colours chosen and material palette were also chosen carefully to complement the overall calm, serene ambience. One accesses the stand-alone unit which is on a higher terrain via steps finished with clay tiles, flanked with terraced retaining walls finished with stone slates. The warm browns and yellows for the exterior walls are contrasted beautifully with the black stone veneers for the column at the front façade of the buildings. The metal elements like the steel handrails and the window frames are painted green to compliment the estate’s landscape for an overall earthy feel.

You notice a ‘T’ everywhere; in the walling on the balcony disguising the column— the gate even has a ‘T’ worded in fiberglass against the black steel gate. The architects used the branding of the estate (Tempean) in the intrinsic elements of the architecture. 

SASA Infrastructure Group
SIREN Construction Ltd
Feb 2020-Nov 2021
Manyangwa, Wakiso 
0.5 acre (half of total area for complete project)

Written by: C. Matua.
Photography: Francis Ssempijja

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/siren-construction-ltd_the-tempean-estate-is-a-residential-project-activity-7044707421507756032-bU8J/